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Machine Monitoring Services

6D announces its Machine Monitor Data Recorder service . This solution is easily customized to the requirements and specifications of virtually any manufacturing or plant application or environment.  Operating around the clock, the system supports a wide range of sensor types to capture and store physical machine measurements. An Internet connection provides remote visual access to real-time information allowing plant engineers and maintenance personnel to respond quickly to changing equipment conditions that may result in machine failure.

6D President, Michael Carlier comments:
“Unplanned equipment downtime results in lost production and costs that cannot be recouped.  Because machinery is typically tied to related equipment, systems, and processes, machine problems can have a far-reaching domino effect throughout the facility.  Equipment failure can impact the ability to service customers, meet productivity targets and ultimately achieve profitability goals. The 6D factory monitoring service provides plant engineers with access to the most current and accurate operating data allowing problems to be anticipated and avoided.”

For more information about 6D’s Machine Monitor service, or any of the company’s other testing and analysis services, contact Rob Vickers at 513-248-4901 or robv@sixdtest.com.





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