Testing & Analysis

Loads & Operating Environment Measurements


Loads are the forces applied to structures or transmitted by structural members. They may be static or dynamic, may act downwards or push or pull structures in all directions. Knowing the forces acting on or within a structure can help explain a structure’s response—the cause of a premature failure, for example. Determining real-world loads is critical in troubleshooting as well as in product design.

First steps in determining loads might include:

  • Developing a measurement method
  • Designing and building transducers if required
  • Developing a laydown to use existing components to measure loads if possible
  • Developing calibration methods to extract required loads from test measurements

Vehicle Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA)

  • Measures vehicle response to road loads
  • Used for test-based design validation using random vibration or simulation rig testing
  • Conducted at proving grounds, special events, public roads, international venues
  • Steering, suspension, power train & driveline, seats, exhaust systems, electronics
  • 32 to 200+ data channels plus vehicle bus and GPS
  • Unattended data collection

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