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Field Troubleshooting: Any Place – Any Time

When key equipment fails – or is operating at less than full capacity – time is critical.¬† 6D responds to these emergency situations like nobody else. We’ll identify the problem(s) and work with you to get them solved quickly.

No matter if you’re on an off-shore oil platform, deep underground, a secluded power generation facility, or just downtown¬† – our field troubleshooting services provide assistance to meet mechanical engineering challenges anywhere in the world.


Reducing Downtime

Across the board industries face the same challenges:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Minimizing maintenance costs
  • Increasing throughput & productivity
  • Enhancing product quality

6D applies proven and evolving testing technologies and analysis tools to help meet these goals by solving vibration, noise, stress and fatigue-related problems in industrial processing equipment.

6D engineers have experience with:

  • Steel & aluminum mills
  • Pulp & paper processing mills
  • Food processing
  • Packaging equipment
  • Metal-forming equipment
  • High-speed conveyors
  • Chemical & plastic processing

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