Testing & Analysis

Factory Equipment Monitoring

Immediate Response to Changing Factory Equipment Conditions

Unnoticed or seemingly insignificant problems can cause key equipment to fail. These issues can escalate and trigger a catastrophic chain of events impacting machinery, systems, and processes throughout the facility. Too often such problems are addresses after damage has occurred with the results being excessive repair costs, missed production schedules, plant down-time and non-recoverable revenue goals.

Real-Time Visibility

6D’s Factory Monitor Data Recorder provides plant engineers with the most current and accurate machine operating data. With real-time 24/7 visibility, plant engineers are alerted to changing conditions and potential problems allowing for immediate response at the first hint of trouble.

Off-the-Shelf Solution

The 6D Factory Monitor Data Recorder is easily adapted to virtually any factory requirement or environment.

  • Leverages the strength of Catman Easy® software and dependable HBM QuantumX® product line
  • Supports a wide variety of sensor types
  • Operates around-the-clock capturing and storing physical machine measurements
  • Access real-time data – any place any time through any device
  • On-board memory stores 30 years of data files with automatic file save and restart
  • Scalable to meet your changing requirements

Read the Sherwin Williams case study here.

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