Testing & Analysis

Case Studies

  • Avoiding Death by Data
    Facing a mountain of engineering test results, 6D engineers customize a way to sift through 80,000 data sets and deliver a succinct set of recommendations for design changes to a 38-ton on-highway vehicle.
  • High Frequency Data Acquisition
    6D is changing the landscape of long-term field testing with lab-quality high-frequency data acquisition by employing new methods for high-frequency data acquisition and analysis.
  • Torsional Analysis
    Rather than simply measuring torsionals by focusing on gear teeth of rotating machinery, 6D has developed a method by which we use magnetic tape to analyze torsionals.
  • Factory Monitoring
    The Chemical Coatings Division of Sherwin-Williams had experienced a catastrophic failure of its Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) concentrator. Because the system captures pollutants from the plant’s ventilation system it is critical to EPA compliance.
  • Oil Pan Cracking
    Cracks developed on the bottom of several Williams’ engine oil pans in late October 2014 after accumulating no more than 70 hours of run time.  This prompted Williams, Caterpillar, and 6D Testing & Analysis to identify suspect oil pans and initiate an investigation.
  • Unattended Testing & Analysis
    For all of its advancements, the challenge that the testing community has long faced has been with observing the normal, daily operation of a piece of equipment in its natural environment over an extended period of time – a process that would include the collection of massive amounts of data. After all, physically manning test equipment all day every day simply wasn’t practical. – until now.

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