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Factory Monitoring: Part 2

Project Approach Discussions with the Sherwin Williams team resulted in a plan that would require six project phases. Determine a measurement method and select commercially available hardware components. Purchase sensors and data recorder components including packaging hardware. Assemble the components and configure the software. Commission the hardware at the client’s Columbus, Ohio facility. Review and … Continue reading Factory Monitoring: Part 2

Factory Monitoring Case Study

At the request of the Sherwin-Williams Co. Chemical Coatings Division, 6D Testing & Analysis was asked to develop a turn-key non-contact measurement system for the Puro-Save VOC concentrator media wheel. (The concentrator captures pollutants from the plant ventilation system and is critical to EPA compliance.) Project Goal The goal of the project is to design … Continue reading Factory Monitoring Case Study

Testing + Analysis = Answers

Collecting data is one thing – providing answers is another. At 6D we combine expert testing with practical applications of FEA to get to the answers.  Because at the end of the day you’re looking for answers – not overly detailed reports. 6D has been engineering solutions to complex structural and mechanical problems since 2001 … Continue reading Testing + Analysis = Answers

Case Study: Oil Pan Cracking: Part 2

Non-Destructive Testing Inspection of the oil pan found a crack along the bottom plate of the oil pan, adjacent to the weld. The pan was sectioned and the crack was opened up to examine the fracture in detail.  Towards the middle of the crack, fatigue from multiple origins propagated primarily from the bottom (painted) side … Continue reading Case Study: Oil Pan Cracking: Part 2

Oil Pan Cracking: Part 2

Failure Investigation & History After being informed of the potential issue with oil pans cracking in the field, Tier II product support engineers from CAT gathered all pertinent information including customer (Williams) inquiry via the Dealer Service Network, engine serial number, engine hours, application, etc.  This information is used by CAT to help troubleshoot the … Continue reading Oil Pan Cracking: Part 2

Unattended Testing: Part 3

When testing a new line of off highway equipment, such as mining trucks, the manufacturer might want field data to enhance the design of a particular component. Hundreds of thousands of data points can be reduced from weeks of testing into a report that allows the manufacturer to quickly see rare events such as off-the-charts … Continue reading Unattended Testing: Part 3

Unattended Testing: Part 2

Today there is a way to move high sample rate structural tests, which were previously limited to a laboratory, out of the simulation setting and directly onto equipment in the field, where more authentic measurements can be gathered. Among the key advantages of this integrated testing approach is the ability to gather a month or … Continue reading Unattended Testing: Part 2

Unattended Testing

A new approach to field testing and analyzing equipment – whether the machinery is deep inside a mine or clearing a remote mountain pass – provides engineers with access to a far more complete picture of the actual conditions, stresses and events that lead to structural failures. Finally, high volume, high quality, high resolution customer … Continue reading Unattended Testing

Machine Monitoring Services

6D announces its Machine Monitor Data Recorder service . This solution is easily customized to the requirements and specifications of virtually any manufacturing or plant application or environment.  Operating around the clock, the system supports a wide range of sensor types to capture and store physical machine measurements. An Internet connection provides remote visual access … Continue reading Machine Monitoring Services

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