Testing & Analysis


6D’s solution-oriented approach combines testing with analysis to give you fast answers to your complex and costly mechanical and structural engineering problems.

Product Introduction: Driving New Product Development

Today’s accelerated produce development cycles require real-world information to drive design, prototyping, simulation, analysis and other upstream processes.  6D provides the data allowing you to make informed product decisions and proceed with confidence.

  • Design Validation Plan/Strategy Development
  • Upstream Finite Element Model Analysis
  • Pre-Production Prototype Testing
  • Baseline Validation Data

In-Service Equipment: Troubleshooting

When costly machinery is down, or operating at less than peak performance – your bottom line suffers.

We apply advanced structural dynamics problem-solving tools and techniques to identify issue(s) and engineer a solution.

Next Generation Products: Putting Data to Work

Planning and developing next generation products starts with a thorough understanding of current product performance. Designers and manufacturers must begin with answers to such vital questions as:

  • Where and how can the product be improved?
  • How will changes to design or materials impact performance or cost?
  • Did past failure result from the system being subjected to loads, strains or conditions outside its intended design?
  • Did the issue(s) occur a systems or component level?

6D provides the historical data and expertise to deliver new levels of quality, reliability, durability and produce performance.


Experts In

  • Industrial process troubleshooting
    Project Examples
  • Railcar & locomotive testing
    ​Project Examples
  • Mining, construction, logging & agricultural equipment
  • Heavy trucks & automotive
    Project Examples
  • Aircraft, including helicopters
  • Power generation & rotating machinery

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